Personal Soccer Training

John Amaral has a unique approach to teaching soccer using what he has termed the “Natural Soccer Training Method.” With a Master’s degree in Education and over 40 years of soccer coaching and playing experience at every level (Youth – Professional) John Amaral’s method and approach to teaching the game of soccer has made him a sought after coach in the US and around the world.

At the Amaral Soccer our motto is, “Train like the Pros with the Pros.”

Why Choose Personal Training?

field playerAmaral Soccer is willing to travel to any location in the U.S. We have a skilled and talented staff. Personal training is just that its personal. Our coaches will work with you one on one. Each player will be coached differently because we don’t believe everyone is the same that’s why we will make personal differences in your training to target what you need. We believe that everyone has talent and can become great. What sets average players out from the rest is work ethic and motivation. With personal training Amaral Soccer can take any player with those qualities and bring them to the next level. That level is different for everyone, it may be making varsity at high school, making the club team, becoming a starter, or becoming a collegiate player. Amaral Soccer understands the steps and process to get you to your goal. Are coaches have played at all levels and coached at all levels. They know what it takes to become great. There is always room to improve and personal training is a way to get there quicker.

 Below in this article is a list of programs that we offer for players and we often mix and match the programs to hit exactly what the player is asking for or what we think the player needs. Training like the pros is our mentality and we offer nothing short of that.  

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Programs Amaral Soccer offers for various styles of Personal Training based on Player’s needs.

Below are some of the options you can request:

Increase player’s fitness and stamina through sport specific conditioning while using a soccer ball.

  • Specific player fitness training techniques
  • Increase speed
  • Increase stamina
  • Better health

The extras we provide:

  1. Provide a Full Nutrition Plan to help get the player to their best physical ability, like the pros.
  2. Provide a Workout program (with weights or without)
  3. Provide a list of Soccer Routines to work on that increase skill and fitness

Polish player’s touch and timing through dynamic skill development

  • Increase ball control
  • Improve dribbling, heading, trapping, passing, striking, shielding, fainting, and turning skills
  • Teach how to play with composure
  • Teach how to change speeds to gain an advantage on the field
  • Teach field awareness

Goal Keeper Training

  •  Improve Footwork and quickness
  • Work on Angles and Positioning
  • Polish Basic Catching skills
  • Develop hand strength
  • Work on Cushioning the ball
  • Improve Catching High Balls and Crosses
  • Collapsed Dives
  • Extension Dives
  • Advanced Diving
  • Parrying the ball
  • Punching the ball
  • Basic Breakaway Principles
  • The Sliding Save
  • Throws
  • Kicks – Drop Kick and Punt
  • Setting Walls
  • Corner Kicks
  • Back Passes
  • Reaction Drills
  • Pressure Training
  • Games & Team Training
  • Communication with teammates
  • Controlling the defense
  • The Psychology of Goal Keeping


*Programs can be mixed together if a player wants to have soccer skill training and more soccer fitness training.

*Personal training can be done in GROUPS but prices will be negotiated and are not the prices listed below.


Amaral Soccer – Best Value!

$50/$75 – 60 Minutes (1 Session)

$135/$210 – 60 Minutes ( 3 Sessions)
$250/$375 –  60 Minutes (6 Sessions)

Discounts may be available after discussion on why it is needed. If you have what it takes to succeed in soccer and in school we will help you out!

  • Nutrition Plan
  • Workout Plan
  • Take Home Soccer Routines / Drills Sheet
  • Amaral Soccer training one on one
  • Talented Coaches

World Cup Soccer Camps
$109.00 – 75 Minutes (1 Session)

$507.00 – 75 Minutes ( 6 Sessions)

  • Put into a group of up to 50 (Not one on one)
  • No Nutrition Plan Option
  • No Workout Plan Option
  • No Take Home Soccer Drill Sheet


ODP Training Academy

$50.00 entry fee + $60.00 registration (2 Sessions)

  • Put into a group of up to 50 (Not one on one)
  • No Nutrition Plan Option
  • No Workout Plan Option
  • No Take Home Soccer Drill Sheet


Phil Tait Soccer 1 on 1

$80.00 – 60 Minutes ( 1 Session)

$350.00 – 60 Minutes ( 5 Sessions)

  • No Nutrition Plan Option
  • No Workout Plan Option
  • No Take Home Soccer Drill Sheet



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